Halfway Mark Thoughts on Beauty World (唐宫美人天下)


Just started watching this drama and I am happy to say it was above my expectations. Didn’t expect much from it due to the lack of posts about it in the blogosphere, I assume many were not interested or it wasn’t that good and so people didn’t review it, but I was really pleasantly surprised.

It wasn’t as idol drama-ish as many other ancient series that I have watched. I went into this drama not even knowing that Ming Dao was actually the main actor of this drama. I knew he acted in it but I did not know that he was the main actor and I am glad he is because of my attraction to him ever since 2005’s classic idol drama, The Prince who Turns into a Frog.

Also, going into the drama, I thought that Empress Wu would be the main villain but she is totally not. In fact, she truly is a good empress. Her undying love for the emperor is what is saddening as the emperor, in my view, does not actually love her but is only making use of her as she is very bright and smart and can handle political affairs really well.

I’m only at episode 15 of this drama for now and will update more as it comes along. What I can say is that I am not really attached to the OTPs and relationships in this drama. To me, this drama is more of a drama that shows the fights and struggles in the palace than highlighting the romantically intertwined relationships that the main characters have (which makes it somewhat less idol drama-ish).


兰陵王 King of Lan Ling


This show just started sometime this week and I am currently watching episode 12. What can I say, I am mega obsessed with this drama! Has been a long long time since I live watched a Chinese Drama and can’t wait for episodes to come out everyday. Well, the good thing is there are 2-3 new episodes being released everyday!

Realised that not many people have been posting about this show around the blogosphere. Am thinking maybe I could do mini recaps of each episode or maybe a recap for every 5 or 10 episodes? Haven’t really decided. The OTP is awesome and I am sooo amazed that I can get sooo into this OTP considering FengMi is my ultimate OTP and I can actually accept Feng Shao Feng being a couple with Ariel Lin!

So spoiler ahead! I am currently at the part where everyone is competing to be Lan Ling Wang’s wife and of course Xue Wu is competing too even though she is already his concubine because the Empress Dowager insists she competes too. Her reaction to everything going on is so cute, it just shows her affection towards Lan Ling Wang and that’s when I go into mega fangirl mode!

And now I shall spam more pictures of the OTP!

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Also the ending song for this show is just as awesome. It’s sung by Della Ding (the singer who sang the main song in autumn’s concerto) who has a very soothing but at the same time powerful voice. Here’s the youtube link for the song: